Grid Oil Painting


Oil on canvas
76 x 76 cm

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The Glitch series occupies a space between the physical and the digital. It is a reflection of time spent in digital realms and the sense of amorphous, geographically detached environments this can embody. Each of the elements in the works acts as a void themselves, devoid of relation to real spaces.

In a world of 24-hour connectivity and non-places, there is an increasing need for introspection and meditative spaces. The internet and the digital realm often relate to fast-paced consumption and anxiety while the medium of painting is a more meditative, slow process.

The series is an exploration of these concepts with a deep attunement to formalist ideas around light/shadow, colour, space/void and the intention to be calming and supportive of constructive energies. The imagery of doorways and staircases suggest a refresh or reframing of the mind, a portal or a sense of transience leading the viewer somewhere else.

A virgin brushstroke technique was used (the laying of colour without redoing the stroke) to enhance a sense of error associated with the medium of paint, a direct contrast to the digital which allows for erasure and perfection.

The two smaller paintings displayed next to the large paintings were designed through the use of algorithms to “glitch” the larger paintings. The series is therefore a comment on the limited-edition, auratic nature of painting and the intersection that occurs when the medium of the digital disrupts this. How cogent is the painting medium beyond its rarefied frame and how can it compete with other forms of aesthetic consumption in contemporary contexts?